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PostPosted: Thu Sep 20, 2018 1:03 pm    Post subject: The Yellow Apron Full Movie Download Mp4

The Yellow Apron Full Movie Download Mp4

Clay Basket tells the returning traders of Lame Beaver's wish for her to be with Pasquinel, unaware that Pasquinel has just married Lise, who is now pregnant. She puts her father's desire ahead of her feelings for McKeag. Pasquinel is hoping that Clay Basket can remember where her father found the gold. In 1809, Clay Basket gives birth to her first son, Jacques Pasquinel, followed two years later by Marcel. Pasquinel moves freely between his two worlds and two families. After the loss of her first child, Lise gives birth to a daughter, Lisette, in 1816, but Pasquinel does not know of this and does not return with McKeag. Pasquinel decides his boys, being half-white, should see the city. McKeag tries to persuade him that the two families should not meet. Clay Basket, who says a woman always knows when a man has another woman, talks him into taking them to the fort just outside St. Louis instead. They run into some prejudice at the fort where Jacques is injured and left with a bad facial scar. Now he chooses to go to Lise and see Lisette instead of tending to his suffering son. With Pasquinel away, Clay Basket pours out her feelings to McKeag. Kiowa come and McKeag and the others defend themselves with Jacques, once again, being scarred with another wound. He now has two scars, one from a white man and one from an Indian. Years pass while Pasquinel stays in St. Louis and McKeag watches over the other family. Resentment is growing between Jacques and McKeag. When Pasquinel finally returns, Jacques stabs McKeag and Pasquinel persuades his friend to withdraw so as not to kill Jacques. Meanwhile, Pasquinel tells Lise this will be his last trip and he shows her the gold.


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